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It all started out with the Fat Cat, a Rutgers University staple invented in 1979.  Today, RU Hungry is more than just a question on the Rutgers campus.  It’s THE place to go for the best food around for miles.  RU Hungry is where you’ll find the “Fat Sandwiches”.  There are literally dozens of them!  The Fat Cat invented in 1979 was the original but then in 1997 a student named Darrell Butler walked up to the window and wanted something different.  Darrell made up his own combination of ingredients, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and French fries topped off with lettuce, tomatoes and marinara sauce and asked if he could have it all on one sandwich.  This was the creation of the “Fat Darrell”, soon to be named the #1 Sandwich in the Country by Maxim Magazine!! 

RU Hungry is not only an institution on campus we’ve gone National!  RU Hungry has been featured on Good Morning America and CN8.  The Travel Channel featured us on their “Extreme Pig Outs” and included us in the “101 Best Places to Chow Down – The Chow Down Count Down”.  We also welcomed Adam Richman from Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food to come on down and try to win our “Fat Sandwich Challenge”.  In case you’re wondering, Adam accepted the challenge.  Adam made a terrific effort, in fact it was one of the best we’ve ever seen!  Yet, sadly in Adam’s own words “food won”.  If you’re one of the few that hasn’t heard of the challenge, well, read on.  It goes like this…  First, you need to choose five of your favorite Fat Sandwiches.  Then the tough part, you need to completely finish all five sandwiches in just 45 minutes.  If you do it you get to create and name your own Fat Sandwich to be included on our menu.  That’s eternal recognition!  If you win you’ll also know that you were among the elite.  Over 250 have tried yet less than 20 have beaten the challenge! 

RU Hungry provides a great meal at a great value.  We’re located at 159 College Avenue, close to downtown New Brunswick serving not only college students but also university personnel, business professionals, area residents and anyone that makes their way over.  It’s a meal and an experience that you won’t find anywhere else! 

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